Visueltprisen 2023

︎︎︎ Visualt is an annual competition that rewards outstanding work in graphic design, illustration, digital design and moving image.

Workshop posters
Nuts & Bolts

︎︎︎ Digital posters for workshops in music technology and live improvisation

BIT Teatergarasjen

︎︎︎ Visual identity for Prøverommet, a testing ground for artists of all diciplines at BIT Teatergarasjen. The profile consists of several different typefaces to represent the diversity of the programme.

Litteraturbåten Epos

︎︎︎ Visual identity for Litteraturbåten Epos, a floating house of literature in Western Norway.

Dental Advice Bureau
Dental Advice Bureau

︎︎︎ Book design for the Dental Advice Bureau.